David Rankin Workshop
Euclid Art Association
Oct 4, 2014


Photos from the workshop (click image to enlarge...)

David remarking his Fast Sketching book Jan sketching the 'Eyes and Nose Recipe' David reviews Lee's sketch as Elizabeth looks on... Fast sketches from the class
David critiques Mary Ann's sketch, makes a 'funny' and everyone laughs - Tom Woodman moves in for a closer look! Tom Herrle's sketch of Jack Bauer from TV's 24 Lee's sketch - David says those are 'raisin eyes'! Mary Ann and Alice talk and sketch, with Lee in the background
Tom Woodman sketching on his iPad using Paper by 53.  Melanie, Elizabeth and Sandra working on their sketches too. Notice David's Fast Sketching book Sue Herrle's iPad rendition of Jack Bauer?? David walks around, reviewing student's sketches