January 9, 2017 - Members' Night  'Show and Tell'

Eddie Mitchell



Eddie Mitchell, our last presenter for the evening, is a long time member of Euclid Art....since 1989!  Using a power point presentation, Eddie gave us a thumbnail sketch of his life.  He is a man of so many amazing accomplishments.  He talked very fast, as he wanted to tell us all about just the next 30 minutes.  Most of us know Eddie for his fantastic and beautiful oil paintings and even for his lifelike portraits, of which he did many!  But did you also know....he’s one of five children, went to Lake Catholic High School and Lakeland Community College, before graduating for the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA).  Wait, there is more.  He loves to work on and restore cars, loves computers....he surrounds himself with them, collected coins, dabbled in stocks, loves nature and gardening.  Did you see how he transformed his front yard into a Monet painting of living plants and flowers?....which he uses as inspiration for his paintings.


Eddie loves building things too.  He designed and constructed a laundry room for his wife in the basement of their home.  And for the past 24 years, he has taught art part-time at Lakeland Community College and for the past seven years at the CIA.  He also helps young art students put together their art portfolios.  So now we know....there is so much more to Eddie Mitchell than just his art.  However, the common thread his LOVE of art.

Eddie’s artworks can be seen all over NE Ohio.  Several of his pieces are hanging at Hillcrest Hospital and in other Cleveland Clinic locations throughout the country.