January 9, 2017 - Members' Night  'Show and Tell'

Dan Driscoll


Dan Driscoll, our second presenter for the evening, joined Euclid Art in 2015.  And, there is a story behind his joining.  It was a serendipitous meeting at a Fedex store, while getting his artwork copied.  That’s where he meet Joanne Naroski, long time member of Euclid Art.  They struck up a conversation and she invited him to a meeting and to join.  We are so glad he did!

Dan brought in a number of his original artworks to share with us....each one came with a story.  His interest in art started with two very influential art teachers in a vocational high school art class.  He always wanted to paint.  He even painted a picture of Teddy Roosevelt on the wall at Roosevelt Elementary School in Willowick.  Knowing that he couldn’t make money from his art, he went on to become an engineer.

It was just 10 years ago that he started back doing art.....and with a cartoon strip called “hey picklehead!”, which he says he only draws for his own whimsey.  Dan paints in acrylics on canvas, painting pictures from real life, each with a story behind it.  He tries to put something happening in each of his paintings.  His recent affinity for venetian red and burnt umber, a favorite combination, can be seen in a number of his paintings.  Enjoy!