Our purpose is to stimulate an interest in the visual arts among our members and to promote the establishment of a Fine Art Center in the Community.


Welcome to the Euclid Art Association...

  • Our May 4th meeting will feature a demonstration by Michael Winston of his unique technique of creating floral art with magic markers.  In his own words...  "My art is everything happy.  My color is important;  It is candy for the eye.  My floral works best utilize the spectrum of the medium I work in because they have many true colors.  When grouped in a bouquet, they invite your eyes to dance from color to color.

    Art does not have to "say" anything.  It does not have to have a social message or a "meaning".  Art is visual.  It should be as pleasing to the eye as food is to the tongue!  My art may "say" nothing and yet begs the question . . . "What do you see?"

    So please join us.  Our April meeting is held at the East Shore Church United Methodist, 23002 Lakeshore Blvd., Eucild, OH 44123.  All are welcome and guests are asked for a $3.00 donation.
  • Are you getting ready for EAA's Spring Fine Art Show at the Euclid Library, May 2 through May 9, 2015?  WE ARE.....forms and instructions were sent out to everyone with the March newsletter and are now available on our website.
  • Thanks to John Troxell for demonstrating his method of acrylic painting using a computer and data projector to put a photographic image on canvas as a guide.  It was a most interesting use of the new technology.  For more, see our Demonstrations page.
  • We congratulate Rosalie Kastelic on her One Woman Show - Tribute to Color.  "It was very humbling indeed to see 20 of my favorite works on one 40 ft. wall."  Her artwork is hanging on the Healing Wall at Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton, Ohio and will be there for the next few months.
  • Workshop Information:  Are you interested in these upcoming workshops?  Call Sue Herrle (216) 481-5105 or email her at suetom.herrle@sbcglobal.net to sign up.

    On April 25, 2015 our workshop is "
    Layered Cut Paper Portraits" by Kerry Remp.  There are still openings available for this workshop.  Artist, engineer, musician, Kerry Remp will show us how to create a Layered Portrait....an artistic creation using sheets of colored card stock that are hand-cut with an
    X-acto knife and stacked together to represent the person/ object.  Learn the process that Kerry uses to transform a photo/picture into a Paper Portrait with 3-D depth.  Learn about.....selecting an appropriate image, posterization, rendering layers, color selection, cutting and putting it all together.  During the workshop, we will make a 4-layered portrait of Johnny Cash.  Check out our Workshop webpage for more details.

    Our thanks to David Rankin for his March 28, 2015 workshop “Faces in Watercolor”.  See photos of the class...

    “Develop a basic shape of a face along with it’s shadow structure using a less detailed line drawing.  Then you...paint it using only 1-3 layers of watercolor.”  David says that he is continuing to work on the images that we will be painting in the workshop.  So, come back to this link, often.  Not signed up, but interested...we can put you on a stand-by list in case of a cancellation.