Our purpose is to stimulate an interest in the visual arts among our members and to promote the establishment of a Fine Art Center in the Community.

 Welcome to the Euclid Art Association...
  • Our next monthly meeting is Monday, April 3, 2017 at 7:00pm in Fellowship Hall of East Shore United Methodist Church, 23002 Lake Shore Blvd., Euclid.  Guests are welcome for a $3.00 donation.  Suzie Murcer will demonstrate “The Magic of the Egg”.  Suzie will demonstrate the art of Ukrainian egg painting....just in time for Easter.  She will also tell us about the history of egg painting and the Faberge egg.  She will be bringing samples and items to sell.  Mark your calendar for this meeting!
  • At our March meeting we featured the artistry of Tricia Kaman, a well known Cleveland artist, demonstrating “The Pastel Portrait”.  She is especially known for her oil and pastel portraits, although she also loves doing the occasional landscape, still life or floral.  Her art has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has garnered numerous awards.  We thank Tricia for a mesmerizing evening of art.  There were 36 members and seven guests in attendance, who sat so quietly at times that you could have heard a pin drop!  We also thank her assistant, Riki, for coming early to set up all the gear and for being an excellent model for Tricia’s pastel portrait.  Check out the Demonstration page for more information and pictures from her demonstration.

    The theme for the evening’s refreshments was St. Patrick’s Day or everything ‘green’..  Thank you to our hosts, Mary Ann Gambitta and Lee Peters.  We enjoyed many delicious treats...Irish soda bread, Lee’s famous spinach dip, kolacky, shamrock and pistachio cookies!  Many people requested the recipe for the Irish soda bread....that Mary Ann made, using Sandi’s recipe, that Sandi got from her friend, Jenny!  This recipe is over 100 years old and came straight from Ireland.  Click here for the recipe.

  • Here are workshops scheduled for 2017....

    Lee Peters, Photoshop Elements - The Basics for Photographers and Artists, April 1, 2017.  Photographers, learn to make your images better.  Artists, learn how to take your images and break down the value structure.

    Launie McDevitt and Lisa Ruschman,
    Zendalas - Tangling in Sacred Circles, May 6, 2017.  Mandala meets Zentangle in this journey to discover “Sacred Circle”.   Check out the details on the Workshops page.

    David Rankin, Essential Watercolor Skills Training Workshop, June 2, 3, 4, 2017.  If you are a raw beginner wanting to learn the essentials of watercolor correctly....this three-day workshop will get you started in the best way possible.  And, if you have been painting in watercolor for some time and you want to refine your existing watercolor skills....this workshop is for you, too.  For a limited time, special price for members only!  Details on the workshop page.
  • We encourage all our members to sign up for their own Members Art page...right here on EuclidArt.com.  Check it out!  It’s only $15 per year for 10 images and you can change your images up to 3X per year without additional cost.  Plus, as an added bonus....we feature one of our art page members on Facebook.  Did you see the recent Facebook postings about artists, Noah’s Child, Eddie Mitchell and Laurie Braman?  These postings reach more FB people and get more ‘clicks and likes’ than any other postings.  Click here to find out how to get your own page.